Lowes Sun Joe Spx3000

Lowes Sun Joe Spx3000 Pressure Joe Electric Pressure Washer Review The popularity of Lowe’s sun joe SPX3000 on both Lowe’s and Amazon is a clear indicator for its quality. It is one of the most powerful pressure washers for all of your cleaning needs and it is easy to use, to set up, and to maintain. Some undesirable attributes are not absent, though, so if you decide to buy this SPX 3000 power washer, you’d better understand its pros and cons.
Lowes Sun Joe Spx3000

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Lowes Sun Joe Spx3000 Pressure Joe Electric Pressure Washer

Lowe’s Sun Joe SPX3000 is powerful.

With maximum pressure at 2,030 psi and flow rate rated at 1.76 gpm, Lowe’s Sun Joe pressure washer is definitely a powerful pressure washer. It is even more powerful than other pressure washers of the same class on the market, such as Craftsman CM1800 and Ryobi RY14122. With such power, you can expect it to be fast and reliable when used for removing dirt and debris, including the stubborn ones, on all surfaces.

Sun Joe electric pressure washer It is heavy, but still portable.

Weighing 31 pounds, Sun Joe electric pressure washer is not a lightweight machine; however, because it is a wheeled washer, transporting it from place to place should not be a problem. The structure of this pressure washer is also designed for easy mobility. The handle is sturdy enough to bear the washer’s weight either when you pull it or when you lift it.

Sun Joe SPX3000 parts It has some awesome accessories.

This pressure washer is a versatile and reliable machine especially due to the complete set of Sun Joe SPX3000 parts that come with it. The most important part you want to check first is its nozzles, which are available in five variants, including zero-degree, 15-degree, 25-degree, 45-degree, and soap nozzles. Each nozzle is distinguished by its unique color, so picking the right nozzle for your washer should be quick and convenient.

Another part that is worth noticing is the unit’s two tanks, which allow you to use between water and detergent alternately. Although the experience with detergent and soap nozzle is not the best experience you ever have when using a pressure washer, especially if compared with the washer’s more refined competitors, it is a quite satisfying one.

Lowe’s Sun Joe pressure washer It is easy, but time-consuming, to set up.

Setting up is the best thing about Lowe’s Sun Joe pressure washer; however, it does take time to put the machine in place and to attach everything necessary to make this washer works. Generally, you need about 30 minutes to set up this washer before you can start using Lowes sun joe SPX3000 for washing